[Release] Ocralab – Kosmonaut (EL.016)

Kosmonaut is an Pro-Audio-CDr “Lilac with Gold sparks” design. Limited edition to 100 copies in a deluxe metal tin box with softer plastic inner casing to house the CD.

Dean Dennis (KibukaClockDVA) had a listen to the Ocralab samples and simply posted “You are a Kosmonaut”; a keyword that well defines the journey into outer space from multi angle perspectives with which the listener should be involved by approaching this work. Kosmonaut contains seven original tracks by Ocralab and four sonic reshapes by Christoph Schindling, Zoltan Solomon, Sub.Made and Dublicator. Mark your calendar: the gateway to the stars is opening.


1. Deimos
2. Phobos
3. Moonray
4. Aureolin
5. Atomization
6. Sidereo
7. Aureolin (Dublicator Remix)
8. Moonray (Schindling Remix)
9. Moonray (Zoltan Solomon Remix)
10. Moonray (Sub.Made Reduced Version)
11. Imbrium

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