Further Dub – Percolator

Our musical brains always analyize everything they see and hear to make music out of it. Especially Dub Techno is a genre, which processes a lot of different sounds and noises. This is what it makes so interesting to listen to dub techno, because between the long monotonuous streams of delays and drones, we find many subtile and intriguing sparks of unusual noises.

This special track is dedicated to my coffe machine. Because it makes a great job and because I really love the sound of the boiling brew and the hiss of steam when it pours out of the can.

Further Dub is a project by Ambient Music artist Darage Bang.

Darage Bang (aka Frank Meyer) is creating electronic music since 2008, residing in the ambient/experimental spheres. Increasingly enjoying the Dub Techno and Deep styles, he began to experiment with this genre, too. His steadily growing portfolio features mostly free CC- or Name-Your-Price-releases.


Download Further Dub – Percolator (9.8 mb)