[Free Release] Substak – Noise Panorama (adpt007)

Ambient, noise, machines and finally nature. Substak presents his new and long awaited release for Adeptlabel, alongside a Tarmac´s forest remix. Some months ago when the music was given to the netlabel to make the master tracks the situation was quite a different one. We do not know if it´s better then or nowadays, or if it going to get worse and worse… but the music proves an important role in everybodies life so this tracks could help to understand our environment in a better way.

Subspace, first in the collection, gives us a nice looped groove with a thick ambient layer of bass padding that is carried on in the following tracks such as Dark Side or Noiz.

Inside the whole released tracks beat a key idea. Noise is the only and true way to keep things original. Noise is something beyond moral, ethics or politics. It always disturbs, both ears and minds, women and men. Even animals run away from it!

We can trace some of this spirit in Bounce. It goes upside down in the frequency spectrum. Panorama is deeply mechanical. Somebody would prefer the organic approach to the noise. Some other would rather prefer the rhythmic way of Shifter: a highly dynamic range track. You should play it loud.

As a bonus track you will have the chance to listen to a special remix of Dark Side. An undisguised tribute to GAS, Mr. Wolfgang Voigt ambient project. The remix gives main role to the strings and to several field recordings. It´s short but intense.

Substak is a tireless remixer and producer and we are proud to present his music to the world. Much obliged.

Download Substak - Noise Panorama (flac)