[Release] Various Artist​ – ​Axaminer Sampler Vol​.​1

HUGE compilation from newly started Axaminer netlabel featuring a list of artist I’m sure you all probably recognise now. Absoloutely loving the Nebyla track on this, be sure to give it a listen.

First compilation of a series of Netlabel Axaminer!

Compilation is composed of artists from different countries and that it guarantees its diverse and richness of sound and repel each artist on this compilation and his view of Deep / Dub Techno music.


My favourite track(s) from the LP? – Nebyla – Love You.


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  1. Subterfugesays:

    Nice. Another great one. Thanks for finding the gems and bringing them to us High Plains Drifter. I agree, the track by Nebyla is nice, but my personal favorites are Manati by Atabey and Danguje by Giriu Dvasios. I’ve been hearing lots of Dvasios lately and I must say, he has quite a sound. But all in all, the whole Axaminer Selection is ace. Thankss for sharing.

  2. This is not Creative Commons and is not free, why is called netlabel?

  3. The High Plains Driftersays:

    hmmm that’s strange i swear i downloaded it from bandcamp for free on the release date, maybe i was given a promo copy. Thanks for pointing that out, ill change the post now

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