[Mix] XEED – Lost in Dub Techno Chapter II

Massive mix from Xeed.

Ladies and gentlemen, XEED proudly presents you the second chapter of his dubtechno story. No more words needed, just let the sound blow your mind.

vinyl only! 🙂



Track Interpret Titel Label
1 Fluxion Burst Mode (Convextion rmx) Echocord
2 Fluxion Motion 2 Echocord
3 Marko Fürstenberg Rosengarten Rotary Cocktail
4 Kaito And that was the way (Echospace Dub) Kompakt
5 CV313 Standing still (original) Echospace
6 Unknown Knowone 009 Knowone
7 Baumfreund Rhisosphär Tiefenrausch
8 Mr. Cloudy Night shining stars Millions of Moments
9 Biodub Minutenschlaf Tiefenrausch
10 Sowing Paranoia Echoing Garden Eleve
11 Hydergine Awareness Level B Seperate Skills Redcordings
12 Atheus Inchain FX Millions of Moments
13 Auji Industries Love you more A1 Pan Records
14 Stefan Gubatz An Telrae
15 Salz Get a splash (Salz dub-o-lution remix) Telrae
16 Salz This side of paradise (Salz dub mix) Telrae
17 Fluxion Eruption Echocord
18 Monomood Oktrosis Etui Ltd.
19 Onmutu mechanicks Phosphor (Norman Nodge remix) echocord colour
20 Fluxion Desert Night (Flowing remix) Echocord
21 Leftover Tow Baum
22 Dub Tailor Heart of Iron Connect four records
23 Rhauder feat. Paul St. Hilaire Sidechain (Dub Version) Ornaments
24 Fluxion No man is an island Echocord
25 M. Rahn Root01 Third Wave Black
26 Komaton Sweet Princess (Bvoice&Khz dub remix) Pro-Tez
27 Grad_u EV -5 Redscale
28 Ryo Murakami 90.5 Pan Records
29 Mod.Civil Einfachheit Gewinnt (Original) Ornaments
30 Schubaq & Verveine Züri Dub Tardis Records
31 Neurotron Neurotron 004 Neurotron
32 Reimut van Bonn Schwerpunkt Telrae
33 Inward Content Dust Meanwhile
34 L-OW Diver (Furesshu’s Die Welle Edit) Project Squared
35 The Analog Roland Orchestra 8&6 Pastamusik
36 The Analog Roland Orchestra 9&6 Pastamusik
37 Tom Dicicco Night Erosion Stockholm Ltd.
38 Marko Fürstenberg Espenhain (sgi_s remix) Baum
39 Marko Fürstenberg 70120 a.r.t.less
40 Toby Dreher Imagination (Marko Fürstenberg rmx) Rotary Cocktail
41 Kaelan Callout CLFT Recordings
42 Savas Pascalidis Sonic Groove (Skudge rework) Sweatshop
43 Bleak Isolated Sudden Drop
44 Andres Zacco Dextre (Conforce remix) Traut Muzik
45 Mark Broom M28 (Advanced human dub) Gynoid Audio
46 Bleak Stamina Traut Muzik
47 Ilario Alicante Echosides (Markus Suckut remix) Pushmaster
48 Bleak On Deeplay Rooted House
49 Truncate Diffraction Modularz
50 Toby Dreher Chordhose (Mark Broom club mix) Rotary Cocktail
51 Psyk & Alberto Pascual Ascent Drumcode Ltd
52 G-Man & Rob Strobe Fit Sonic Groove
53 Desolate Farewell #4 Fauxpas Musik

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