[Free Release] Various Artists – Xmas Dub [Deep In Dub 078]

Seeing as I only got underwear for Xmas this year (seriously 3 pairs of pants that was it -_-) this is my fav xmas present this year. So thankyou Deep In Dub and all those involved in making this very special xmas gift.

A special gift for all of you dub techno music lovers !!!

Eight tracks, eight different stories, eight different artists, for one hour of dub techno music!

A compilation vaporous signed deepindub!

Merry Christmas to All – Deep In Dub Netlabel

Deep In Dub


01. Krisz Deak – Simple Life
02. Giriu Dvasios – Linguoja
03. Christoph Schindling – Terraforming
04. Ignacio Tardieu – Serotonina
05. Markus Masuhr – Shifted Modulars
06. Matias Bagato – A7 (Filter Mix)
07. Rob Velasquez – Echo Play
08. Zoltan Solomon – Bethlehem


Download Various Artists - Xmas Dub (177 mb)


  1. thanks for sharing i download it.

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