[Release] Josef Gaard – Chariot EP

Looking at the amount of new music and artists coming up in nowadays electronic music scene, it can be a rather difficult task to find a real talent.

Josef Gaard defines such rare talent from the first moment you listen to his musical creations. An atmospheric and haunting mix of ambient sound structures, which is based on a techno influenced foundation. He creates these intense moments where all the song’s elements work so well together in a subtle but engaging harmony. The term “Ambient Techno” seems to be fitting well.

All four of the original tracks on TAM08 are a statement to the above.Herring with its darker setting and synths, building up to a huge climax just like a childhood horror story. While Arist moves slower, but manages to build an intensity that keeps you engaged before it dissolves into lighter states of mind. The more minimalistic and rougher core of S. disrupts, but somehow conveys a special beauty, which is so typical of Josef’s music. Chariot works as the perfect follow-up, being the bright title track of the EP.

Of course this EP called for a Stephan Panev Remix, as he himself already has proven the ability to create intense atmospheres. He has chosen “Herring” for his own interpretation of Josef’s work and the result again speaks for itself.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Chariot.


1. Herring
2. Arist
3. S.
4. Chariot
5. Herring (Stephan Panev Remix)

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