[Mix] Anaël J – Dub Take Now

Enjoy the journey from Anaël J.  I was very impressed with the amount of effort that was put into this mix, it’s always nice to see passion in a dj’s work.  Check out the cool intro video that was shot for this mix here.

My passion for electronic sounds took me to the mix. I start the podcast to share the sounds that I discover and build my world that I use as inspiration for my photographs. When I have a little time to learn, I hope to move towards production.

Anaël J

This mix was submitted and moderated via our Submit Your Music feature.


Fingers – Aqui
Gubatz Van Bonn Dublicator – Marathon (Dublicator’s Long-distance Dub)
Abstract Ballet – Frozen Machines
Alessandro Crimi – Nebelwald
Gathaspar – I Had a Dream That She Was Dying Alone
Aepiel – Shallow Ground
Ginging – Lunar Leaves
Deni Diezer – Complex Therapy
Yernesto – Solid Noise
Marko Furstenberg – Shop Work
Abstract Ballet – Sequential Interaction

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Download Anaël J - Dub Take Now (86.39 mb)