[Release] Various – Biology 005 (BioRecordings)

Fifth chapter of Biology series. Four artists in the exploration of sound Biorecordings. Ketapilla is a self exploration project from Istanbul, her influences wide among punk/rock, darkwave, ambient but she’s interested with ambient and dubby techno. Berber is a dark techno project, already released on Trivmvirate Records (digital) attending for the next vinyl releases on Trivmvirate and Biorecordings. N.d is a well know artist, already released on Trivmvirate, Evasion Room Records and Biorecordings, his sound is a tight mix of dark and dub techno. TicK is a newcomer well know for us, his deep/ambient sound says all, soon a new Ep by him on Biorecordings. Classy!


Ketapilla – Mirrors
Berber – Serpiente Emplumada
N.d – Profiler
TicK – 007.01


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