[Free Download] Matthias Springer – Egomaniac Remixes

We proudly present producer Matthias Springer who recently joined the Dreiton community. Beside his music projects and numerous releases he did for labels as Eintakt, Hypnotic Room and Bullet:Dodge, Matthias runs various own labels focusing electronic music styles as techno, house and dub.

Therefore dub techno dominates his release for Dreiton. In his tracks deep and driving basses respond to rhythmical structures and floating organic sounds. The EP furthermore offers remixes by Lars Leonhard, Matteo Pitton, Telly Quin and Frank Hellmond. These guys interpret Matthias‘ sound in their unique style completing this total work of art in electronic music.


1.Egomaniac (Original)
2.Egomaniac (Lars Leonhard Remix)
3.Egomaniac (Frank Hellmond Remix)
4.Egomaniac (Matteo Pitton Remix)
5.Egomaniac (Telly Quin Remix)

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