[Free Download] The Marx Trukker – Jahreszwei (Limited Ambient Tape available)

An interesting concept and the format presentation deserves some high praise too. Shame I haven’t had anything to play a tape on in my house for about 10 years. Digital will do, and for free…who complaining.

Autumn days are coming quite near and with ‘Jahreszwei’ – an ambient tape by Berlin based artist The Marx Trukker – Noorden delivers the soundtrack for that more thoughtful time of the year.

As the 4-track EP is put together chronological (starting with the track that was produced last), the A-side is more dark and dusty (roughly produced beginning of autumn with an electric bass, an old Portastudio and loads of forbidden recording-techniques) while the B-side shines a bit brighter and lighter (produced digital end of summer, concentrating on the Dave Smith Evolver synthesizer only). So take a walk through a forest next to you and enjoy the beautiful autumn-nature while having ‘Jahreszwei’ on your ears!

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Green Mountain.


1. Losing Two 05:52
2. Sandy Facts 07:39
3. Green Fountain 08:07
4. Modern Dust 08:37

Available via Bandcamp


  1. As a side note:

    Free Download, yes (via Bandcamp)
    Creative Commons Release, no.
    Bandcamp site states clearly: all rights reserved.


  2. The High Plains Driftersays:

    yes you are right but we just lump free downloads and creative commons releases under the same category because really the readers don’t care about the license, only if its free or paid 😉

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