[Mix] Mr BlackLauren – Hail Samhain

Some very beautiful tracks in this mix, Mr Blacklauren shows his versatility blending classical, ambient and instrumental pieces to create a symphony for your dreams. It’s nice to also hear one of my favourite ambient tracks from this year in the mix too. It really takes this mix to the next level.


Overture – Bjork

Sektor – Barker & Baumecker

KoKoro – Koss

Two For Joy – Anna Rose Carter

Second Breathe – Suzanne Cianni

Glass Palace – Panabrite

The Land Between Solar Systems – Mum

Deneb’s Sequence – Mon0

KUTD Part No. 02 – Skudge

Lonely Woman – Ornette Coleman

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Download Mr BlackLauren - Hail Samhain (94.6 mb)