[Free Release] Am.Light – Up Then Back EP (Adept 006)

It’s always nice to support artists that have worked on my label, not only because I love their music but it’s nice to know I’m not the only label who like their sound and wants to share it across the world.

Rain in Cluj must be something. Something to remember, raging rain in Cluj. The foreshadowing teardrop falling down the cheek named sky reverberates, and then, only then, the rain in Cluj. However, we are already changed, and we know it. Rephrase it, rethink it, what´s your chromatism, someone must think at the verge of collapsing. The beat, the beat, I would prefer not to, not to see the horror, the beat, the horror, the chromatism, the everything we said we would not say but dared to, under the rain in Cluj. The million and one shells we wanted to find on the beach that day, the day we build up castles up the sky, the sky we wanted to use as opened ground, again, snug as a gun.


We never met each other, I mean, properly, you know.

What we did that day was nothing but to muddle the death up.

I never meant to harm you that bad despite the fact I wanted.

The rough sex I gave you that day was my understanding of what love should aspire to be.

The Chinese conundrum about the man dreaming to be a butterfly really exists.

Rain in Cluj, despite our fantasies, might be something unfathomable.

Rodrigo Lescun



1. Am.Light – 167
2. Am.Light – Random
3. Am.Light – Aproape
4. Am.Light – Places


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