[Release] Purl & Deflektion – Growing LP (Dewtone Recordings 018)

As soon as I heard Purl & Deflektion were going to be bringing out an album on Dewtone Recordings I knew it was going to be something special. Upon having sat down for a few hours and listening to all 8 tracks I’m nothing short of blown away by the sheer deepness, love and passion that has obviously been put into this album.

From the very beautiful artwork to each individual carefully crafted track, there is not one thing to dislike about this release. And I’m usually quite picky with my music, I rarely find a WHOLE album that I love, but this album has acheived that, each one just seems to sound better than the previous one I just heard when going through the album from start to finish.

Not only the quality of the music but also the price this album is being given away at is another thing to love. I can download all these 8 tracks (in flac!) for just ₤3.79. Now I don’t usually try to up-sell a release, as I feel the quality of music I post on here should be enough convincing for you to go out and support the artists & labels, but this is a really cheap price when you consider beatport (who I buy tracks from on a weekly basis) charge you £2.30 for 1 track in flac format (which I personally think is a bit of a rip-off!!!)

My favourite track(s) from the LP? – Inside The Tree.


1. Towards
2. Wave Deflection
3. Autumn Winds
4. Autumn Legend
5. Wave Deflection II
6. Inside the Tree
7. Return of the Sun
8. Growing


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  1. zanderonesays:

    had a chance to listen to this album. amazing work!

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