[Pre-Order] Mr. Cloudy – Balance (ZIK01 – Vinyl ltd 90 copies)

Mr. Cloudy with more of his signature deep ambient, dub-fueled techno! I really like the idea behind the new ZiK series. I can really see this payment model taking off, as it’s a great way for the fans to get the tracks they want on vinyl and ensure the independent records labels don’t go wasting money on a vinyl release no one will buy.

ZeECc presents the new [ Z i K ‘ ] series !
Dedicated to strongly limited releases, available on our website and pressed by public demand.

Period 1:
During a first period (around 45 days), you can preorder the future release, exclusively on our website. The goal of this period is to reach a defined number of orders.

After the 45 days, if the number of orders is under initial estimation, the project will be cancelled and all orders will be refunded. As you know, all Paypal payments can be totally refunded, during 60 days after they had been done.

Of course, when the defined number of orders is reached, we will immediately contact a professional manufacturer to press the media, even if the delay of 45 days is not completely passed.

Period 2:

As soon as product is manufactured, all orders will be shipped, in a cardboard package, with your selected shipping method (priority, tracked, registered).

In the same time, all possible bonuses will be sent too. For digital bonuses, a download link will be emailed and for physical bonuses, they will be included in same package.

During Period 1 and 2, you will be informed of the progress (number of orders, availability, manufacture status, …) and all informations will be updated one time a week at least.


A Side. MR. CLOUDY – Balance I (15:42)
B Side. MR. CLOUDY – Balance III (16:00)
Digital Bonus. MR. CLOUDY – Balance II (15:12)

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