Tarmac – Live at Switch Bar [adpt005]

Finally, the heat has finished in Barcelona. This year, in August,it´s been like hell. Only the a/c has saved us from thawing like wax around the wick until the candle is consumed. Well, that and the Tarmac show at the Switch Bar in Barcelona on the 9th of this hot month that is already behind us.

Tarmac´s live performance ran as a cooler. You already know that refrigeration works a transfer of heat, but it´s also true that Tarmac injected a good dose of sonic heat, as an electronic pump, to refresh every fortunate that could enjoy live. But do not be sad, you who didn´t have the chance attend, you can live here and now, because…

The fifth release of adeptlabel collects an hour and a bit of music that could be heard there. Here you will find the typical sound of Tarmac, but even more soaked in reverb, more noisy and more rhythmic. You could hear some exclusive tracks like Mid Summer or Nador 5, and other cuts included in the adeptlabel EPs: Old Path, 9, SBSTC… A total amount of 11 cuts “re-conditioned” and re-arranged to sound in a live situation in a different way as studio recordings do. In short, to offer the audience a new vision of the Tarmac´s music. Special is the last cut extracted from Touching the Lab (adpt004), the first reference by the Greek musician Substak.

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Download Tarmac - Live at Switch Bar (606 mb)