[Mix] PlayGround Mix 101: Deepchord

A monumental 90 minutes transmission from the deepest side of techno.

When the end of summer is nigh, listening to an album like “Sommer” can be highly stimulating. Rod Modell says it himself: to him, summer isn’t the season of heat but of nature being at its peak, especially the part we in the northern hemisphere are entering now. That’s why his music moves at an easy pace, almost static, zig-zagging between muffled 4×4 beats and bass lines pumping in the distance. After last year’s album “Hash-Bar Loops” Rod Modell is back to satisfy our need for hypnotic, sonic massages, with an album that delivers exactly what a project like this promises. And to commemorate and complete the job, today he’s bringing us an exclusive mix.



Deepchord: “Wind Farm: Night Mix” (Soma Quality Recordings)
Cosmic Cowboys: “Dusk” (Musik Gewinnt Freunde)
MasKinE: “D” (Statik Entertainment)
Deepchord: “Aquatic” (Soma Quality Recordings)
Giriu Dvasios: “Gydantis Lietus” (Cold Tear Recordings)
Morphosis: “Too Far: Dettmann Definition 2” (Delsin)
Overcast Sound: “Templehof” (Entropy Records)
Rolando: “Where Were You?” (Delsin)
Sub Made: “Rotation” (Koax Records)
Deepchord: “Jenneau” (Unreleased)
Vince Watson: “Ioa: Live Version” (Delsin)
Deepchord: “Cruising Towards Dawn” (Soma Quality Recordings)
Octal: “Heavy Petting” (Thule Music)
Onmutu Mechanicks: “Your Touch is so Electric” (Echocord)
Portable: “Tempura” (Scape Music)
Pendle Coven: “MVO Chamber” (Modern Love)
Overcast Sound: “Run” (Entropy Records)
Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner: “Legends” (Supdub)
Deepchord: “Glow” (Soma Quality Recordings)
Sub Made: “Rotation” (Koax Records)
Mind Over MIDI: “Across the Void” (Beatservice)
Mark Ernestus: “Meets BBC” (Honest Jon’s)
Grungerman: “Fackeln Im Sturm” (Kreisel 99)
Undr P: “Russ” (Koax Records)
Thomas Fehlmann: “Berliner Luftikus” (Kompakt)
The Black Dog: “DISinformation Desk” (Soma Quality Recordings)
Desolate: “In Secret” (Fauxpas Musik)
Deepchord: “Unnamed” (Unreleased)
F.L.O.: “Be True” (Cold Tear Recordings)
Ghislain Poirier: “Orange Brulee” (12k)
Mind Over MIDI: “Change” (Beatservice)
Deepchord: “Drifting” (Unreleased)

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