[Release] Yagya – The Inescapable Decay of My Heart

A very ambitious project from Yagya see’s him doing something a little different from the usual Dub Techno release. His latest album comprises of mostly vocal tracks, with a slightly more pop sounding vibe to the album, some people may feel somewhat let down from the previous, beautiful style of dub techno we have all grown to love from the man. I personally think Yagya has retained some nice elements that we are so use to hearing in dub techno tracks but still manages to make these tracks radio friendly so to speak.

The use of vocals works really well with the tracks, on a few however I feel they have just been laid over the track for the sake of it. Luckily, if like me, you prefer your dub without a lot of vocals there is the instrumental cd bundled in the album too. I was very happy of this. Not that I didn’t like the vocal tracks its just that for DJ use I prefer not having vocals and sometimes when I just want to make my mind drift I find vocals distracting.

Another quite unique thing about this album was that there appears to be a live action music video for one of the tracks (Tears will fall). I was really surprised to see this as it’s something i have never seen for a dub techno track before.


1. Gabriel feat. Elísabet Eyþórsdóttir
2. Cold hands
3. Tears will fall feat. Ellen Kristjánsdóttir
4. My star is a new song feat. Sigga Þóra
5. Reverbs and delays
6. The phantom of us
7. Drowned in dreams feat. Elísabet Eyþórsdóttir
8. Bright moonlit sky feat. Esther Taila
9. The salt on her cheeks

Instrumental Playlist


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