[Free Release] Abstract Nostalgic Fractals Systems – MX02

The guys themselves might hate these tracks (I admire their honesty haha) but I’m certainly glad they decided to release them. In fact I wish more artists would do the same, plenty of artist make stuff they end up not liking and just dump the tracks with no one ever listening to them. At least ANFS put out their stuff for us fans to decide. B
ravo chaps

mx02 is the second EP of our dub techno/ambient techno side-project Abstract Nostalgic Fractals Systems. A follow-up of mx01 (released in November 2011), the EP features a more polished sound (and better tracks then our early works). All tracks were recorded live during 04 and 05 August in the bedroom of “Sokyu couple” (how Alessandro calls the “bedroom/studio” where I sleep with my girlfriend). We hate these tracks, but we had to release them at some point, so there you go.


My favourite track(s) from the EP? – 1.


1. 1 06:16
2. 2 07:42
3. 3 09:05

Download Abstract Nostalgic Fractals Systems - MX02