[Free Release] V.A. – Agravic Remixes (Schall 034)

It’s nice to see Schall Netlabel back with a new release, it’s been over a year since we last heard something from them.

V.A. – Agravic Remixes is a remix ep from the original “Agravic EP” of basicnoise.

Schall Netlabel


Agravic Part I (Basicnoise Remix)
Lovetrack (Zzzzra Remix)
Agravic Part I (The Marx Trukker Black Coral Reshape)
Lovetrack (Lo Remix)
Lovetrack (Toni Latenz Bitcrush Remix)
x2197 (Zwei Kreise Drone)
x2197 (Ocralab Remix)
x2197 (Axs Incoming Call)


Download V.A. - Agravic Remixes (125 mb)