[Free Release] DeepWarmth – Shades of Warmth (Cold Fiction Music 038)

Very, very nice release from DeepWarmth & Cold Fiction, with great melodic chords and ambient back drops. The Textural Being remix is something a little special too.

DeepWarmth returns to the label for the second time with another release. This time around he’s diving into the slower side of Dub Techno while still keeping his same style as heard on DW/TB: Split Ep. The Delayed snares are still around, but less present and the smoothness is more apparent in this release. Though he ends out the release with a slight change in style with Released Air. More Ambient Techno than anything, its slow build is not one to be missed. He’s also joined by 2 label mates, Coppice Halifax and Textural Being, who give their interpretations of 2 tracks on the release. If you’re a fan of Dub Techno, this is sure to please.

Cold Fiction Music

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Slower Within.


Carbon Warmth
Slower Within
Released Air
Carbon Warmth [CMX]
Released Air [TB.Warp]


DeepWarmth – Shades of Warmth (68.3 mb)