[Video] What I see when listening to Dub Techno

Martin Donath – Rote Sonne

This track and video really stuck with me today.  I stumbled across it while on youtube and immediately I fell in love with it.  It was like looking into my own mind to see the imagery I conjure up when listening to dub techno.  If I could use any sort of visual representation of how dub techno makes me feel when I listen to it I would use this video.  I often sit and watch life go by when listening to dub techno.  While I was living in Asia I would do this almost every night.  Due to the hotter climate in Asia people tend to spend a lot more of their time outdoors rather than being stuck in the 4 wall confines of their rooms and it’s what gives Asian cities and real buzz about them.  You really feel like you are in the centre of a massive human bee colony buzzing around.

Listening to dub tehcno while watching life go by (I like to use ‘moonlighting’ as a term to describe this) is honestly one of my favourite things.  While in Asia I would spend hours sat on a park bench listening to my favourite tracks at the moment and this video captures beautifully the kind of stuff I would see.