[Release] Specdub – SD Airline EP (Elektrik Dreams Music 019)

I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot lately, but here we have another amazing ep.  “Green Flesh”, for me, is damn right dubby, and my favourite track on the EP! The other 3 aren’t that bad either, but it’s Green Flesh that really got me excited when listening to this EP.  Slowly building into a fantastic chord progression.  Honestly if I had to pick a favourite chord, or sound in dub techno it would be the chord in this track (not just this track of course as it’s used in other tracks too, I just mean the sound itself), it’s so light, uplifting, dubby, deep and futuristic all mixed into one 2 second clip.  I love the mid breakdown too, wonderful field recordings of canteens filled with people take me far beyond the 4 walls of my room.

My favourite track(s) from the EP? – Green Flesh.


01. Storm
02. Green Flesh
03. SD Airline
04. Jazz


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