[Release] G.R.I.T. – Expanse (The Remixes)

Another stupendous release on Entropy Records comes in the form of a remix project of G.R.I.T.s’ Expanse LP.  A stunning 18 remixes are available on this release from artists such as Grad U, Yagya, Gradient, Mr Cloudy, Textural Being and many more!

The album is available in limited (100 copies) goldfinger vinyl design cdr’s which you can see below and also in digital formats .mp3 & .flac.



1. The Furthest Outpost (Octal Industries Reconstruction)
2. The Furthest Outpost (Gradient Remix)
3. Marianas Trench (Quantec’s Nightshade Remix, Live Cut)
4. Neon Aura (Havantepe Remix)
5. Endless Waves (P.Laoss Remix)
6. Expanse (Liquid Level ‘Dub Below’ Remix)
7. Neon Aura (Alteria Percepsyne Remix)
8. Neon Aura (Man-Machine-Interface By The Nautilus Project)
9. Expanse (Yagya Remix)
10. cv313 ‘Expansion’
11. Expanse (Sage Taylor Remix)
12. Endless Waves (Arc Of Doves Remix)
13. Marianas Trench (Mr. Cloudy’s Revise)
14. Expanse (Grad_U Reconstruction)
15. Mind Mapping (Mind Over MIDI ‘Re Mind Mapping’ Remix)
16. The Furthest Outpost (Octex ‘Radio Interference’ Mix)
17. The Furthest Outpost (Overcast Sound Remix)
18. The View From The Trieste (Axs Sundown Version)


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