[Preview] Earth House Hold – When Love Lived LP (Love’s Label 02)

While I almost ALWAYS love every track bvdub puts out, he does put out an awful lot (I think 6-7 albums in 2011!) of the same stuff.  Each track in their own right is very good but hearing them same style (and I’m talking about his ambient style) over and over again throughout the year does start to wear thin.

Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised when hearing the preview of his forthcoming album on Love’s Label, due out Mid 2012 (it was originally slated for March/April but has been delayed since).  Incorporating a few more housey, uptempo beats really gives bvdub’s tracks a breathe of fresh air, I feel like I could actually dance to some of these tracks instead of the typical ambientesque staring-out-of-the-window-pose we all adopt when listening to the beatless soundscapes.

Brock van Wey returns to the EARTH HOUSE HOLD guise for Love’s Label with this full-length album of deeply affecting house music.

Available in limited quantities on 2 x 12″ and CD in Mid 2012.

Love’s Label


1. Earth House Hold – Make it to Tomorrow
2. Earth House Hold – Need You (in a trance)
3. Earth House Hold – If Only for a Moment
4. Earth House Hold – We Live This
5. Earth House Hold – When Love Lived
6. Earth House Hold – Deeper Than You’ve Ever Known
7. Earth House Hold – Gone But Not Forgotten


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