[Free Tune] Cuetec – My Girl Friday

Cuetec does it again with another fresh, funky, soulful track to accompany this late starting summer we are having here in the UK. Thankyou Cuetec for making my Sunday much better for playing this track very loud whilst the sun shines through my window.

hey there,

here we have a lil more or less summer tune that was as a tribute to the song:

Lil Albert – My Girl Friday

its made with love and yeah ,its for free.so if you like it feel free to download share and comment it , or just say hello on facebook.

thank you very much!


Download Cuetec - My Girl Friday (6.45 mb)


  1. Hey man really nice track. I was actually surprised at just how well it kept flowing. Right at the beginning I was a bit skeptical but have to admit that before I knew it I had listened to the whole thing and grooved the entire way!

    Good work, will take a listen to a few more of your tracks!


  2. Yeah, I think it’s a funky track too. Definitely gets the head nodding and toes tapping. Like how you added the photos in the video, makes it interesting.

    I too will be listening to more of cuetec

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