[Free Release] Textural Being – En ce moment… (Stasis 011)

I honestly do not know where Textural Being gets the time to create and give away so much AMAZING music.  This LP had me on my knees begging for more as soon as i listened to the first track ‘Sept’ (it’s probably my favourite track on the LP actually)

Trademark Textural Being sounds on this LP, smooth, rolling and hypnotic.

Dear friends and listeners,
We bring you the brigthest emotions for your inner worlds, scenarios for daydreaming and extra colours for warm sunsets.
Energostatic is especially glad to present this supreme LP.

Please welcome the magnificent:

STASIS011 ‘Textural Being – En Ce Moment…’



01 Sept
02 Hailstorm
03 Abszissenwerte
04 Advance
05 Rush
06 Souvenir
07 I Felt
08 Spinning
09 Winter Skys
10 You’re So Amiable

Download Textural Being - En ce moment... LP (176 mb)


  1. OMG. I too cannot believe this a free album. Thank you for sharing!

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