[Free Release] Vejopatis – Taskas EP (Cold Tear Records 026)

Top quality as you would come to expect from Cold Tear Records. Plenty of variety of deepness in this album, the folk singing works really well.  And remember this is available for free download but if you would like to support this great label please purchase a copy from one of the links here.

Deep and melancholic dub techno vibes, with some ancient Lithuanian folk singing, and beautiful soundscapes.

Cold Tear Records


1. Apejo Sauliute
2. Desperacija
3. Prieblanda
4. Pukas
5. Sauliute
6. Taskas
7. Vejas
8. Miesto Dangus
9. Taskas (Giriu Dvasios Remix)

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Download Vejopatis – Taskas EP (143 mb)