[Release] Nikosf. – Seasons & Circles (Deeper Meaning 003)

It’s been a good week for discovering music.  I came across this gem of an EP earlier in the week and was very lucky to receive a copy of the EP for my audible pleasure! (thanks again guys)

This time only 200 in clear grey vinyl copies are presented, sealed together with poster cards and personal handwritten signature by nikosf. himself.

Seasons & Circles is our 3rd vinyl project, but it is also a debut release for Nikos Fragomanolakis (nikosf.) on Deeper Meaning.

Despite all the problems Greece is facing lately, this talented music expressionist from Crete definitely proves that true artist’s inspiration can not be affected by the “modern” crisis and that the electronic music scene is Greece is getting even stronger no matter what.

Nikos is introducing his deep music vision with an elegant touch and limitless landscapes of imagination, starting from the first seconds of the track.

Listen, get the most out of it and enjoy!

Deeper Meaning


1. Welcome To This World, Emily!
2. Insight
3. Seasons & Circles
4. Inner Life

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  1. My favorite must be Welcome to this world. Brilliant idea, and well executed!

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