[Preview] Pulse Code Modulation – Hakuro/Sakura Serrulata (Pong Music)

Uptempo track coming very soon from PCM (Release date: Jun 17, 2012). Now I could be wrong, but I think this will only be a two track EP (this is all I’ve seen uploaded). I haven’t heard any of the other tracks from this release but hopefully PCM (who also runs Pong Music) will share the love with me and give me a few more previews of the tracks on this ep (if there are anymore).

Also check out the hi-res artwork for this release. I love it (I’ve always wanted to go to tokyo to see these trees bloom) and its in HD resolution so perfect for my LCD 🙂

*edit – PCM just confirmed that this is a 2 track ep, coming on 10 inch red vinyl!

Soundcloud Preview - Click Here


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