[Preview] Various – A Taste Of Things To Come EP (Drift Deeper Recordings 001)

Drift Deeper Recordings (www.driftdeeper.com) is an extension of this blog. I have been wanting to start my own net label for many years, as it’s how I discovered dub techno and fell in love with the sound.

This is the first release on Drift Deeper Recordings and I’m lucky to be able to feature many of my favourite artists that I have been listening to over the recent years.

I want to thank all the artists who gave permission for me to include their tracks. Its been a long wait to get this out, but I’m very happy with the quality of tracks in this compilation.

Download will be out very shortly.


1. gnldr & prplx – 1o3
2. eR – Elasticity
3. Fearfields – Until Into Night
4. From the Two – Somna Ein
5. a.mayer – cut.00001
6. Kogyo – Aquatic
7. Lingua Lustra – Sundays River
8. Rdei – Fog
9. Volunteer – Lazy River
10. TicK – Midnight Train
11. Textural Being – Magical Tape Loop 2
12. Bonus Track ???



  1. execente sound. thanks for sharing

  2. Looking forward to get this.

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