Martin Nonstatic – Afterglow EP (Entropy Records Digital 055)

‘Endless’ is definitely my favourite track on this one.  ‘Afterglow Pt 1’ is a little too dark sounding for my preference of dub techno.  The whole EP just oozes excellent production quality, with deep, organic dub sounds.

Born in the netherlands in`76, living in germany next to the electronic music city ” cologne” for about 24 years now. As a child he got early influenced by musicians like art of noise, vangelis, tangerine dream, klaus schulze… and a couple of years later his scale of musicgenre got larger and larger, gettin deeper in touch with the technoid, indie, classical and jazzy sounds. He started growing his passion for changing and manipulating sounds with synths and other hardwarestuff at the age of 18, slowly building up his little studio. He dealt a lot with several livegigs on parties and in clubs by building up his own tracks and live arrangements. In 2010, he focused his work more on releasing his tracks wich were influenced by ambient-dubtechno, and electronica sounds and so they shared their way via internet to several label. Thats were he is now… at the point of no return. He feels pretty good with that!

The Ep “afterglow” began at a bigger video/sound session ” duoluxe” in beginning of 2011. Editing sounds in realtime influenced by such nice videoartworks(like glow effects) was special and a new experience for me and a good way to combine my heart and head in the same way, touching the roots of the afterglow tracks.

The track” Endless” was intended to bring balance between the tracks, straight, slow dubtechno. This track contains sounds by my first synthesizers korg wavestion and microwave XT.

Entropy Records

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