[Preview] Various Artists – DeepWarmth Remixed EP (CFM-EX1)

A newly discovered label for me today.  Just checking out their releases and there’s some great music on here.  Be sure to check them out if you haven’t discovered them yet.

Starting of the EX series is a release entitled DeepWarmth Remixed. It features 4 remixes from artists like Louigi Verona, and Textural Being. The EX series is going to be releases from time to time that don’t go into the main catalog like this release as bandcamp only releases. Could be stuff that compliments releases already out on the label

Cold Fiction Music


  1. DeepWarmth – Blue Squares Are Warm (Cristiano Campos Remix)
  2. DeepWarmth – Shattered Velocity (Textural Being Reshape)
  3. DeepWarmth – Blue Squares Are Warm (Blue Neptune Remix)
  4. DeepWarmth – Under A Jade Ledge (Louigi Verona Ambient Dub Take)