Textural Being – Oceanic EP (ZeECc 042)

ZeECc – Probably one of the most consistently amazing labels on the planet. And it just so happens they release dub techno….how lucky are we! My usual cliche response to another release from these guys – Textural Being + ZeECc, I don’t really need to say more than that. Instant Purchase!

Fascinated and inspired by the soft side of electronic music, this new ‘Oceanic’ EP come to complete the acclaimed discography of the Textural Being project, with his deepest tracks and with his so personal vision of dub and ambient sounds. Here, all is a question of purity and lightness and this one push the audience in a second state: zen, relaxed and freed from all kind of stress. So, it’s like a therapist that this american artist presents you 5 tracks full of essential emotions. Sometimes built on a warm and round bass line or on an uncluttered rhythmic, all musical parts were made to calm and to glorify chill-out music. Also, this ‘Oceanic’ EP is the perfect place to continue and to reinvent some tracks of the previous release, largely supported by DJs and artists. By this way, we can listen a minimal reinterpretation of ‘High Speed Travel’, and a quiet but stirring new part of ‘Tides’. For sure, this new release is definitively not made for the dance-floors but you will appreciate this beautiful and refined masterpiece of ambient art.


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  1. This kind of ambiental take us to the Zen and back …; that warm sounds take me to the future …

  2. Thank you have nice songs

  3. soooo good to post, congratulations! gorgeous gorgeous

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