[Free Tune] Ali Khan – Lake (Kokoro Netlabel)

A recently discovered netlabel going by the name of Kokoro has released a great free tune called ‘Lake’.  Check out some of their other tracks, all are freely downloadable!

Lake goes deep and explores the darker side of reverb with heavy compression and glitchy echoes.

The feature sound in Lake is a simple chord progression, played on a Juno-6 plugin. Heavy processing is applied, including, gating, long reverbs, filtered lfos, and glitchy echoes.


Produced in Logic 9 with plugins:

  • Native Instruments Kontakt, Absynth, and Guitar Rig
  • Native Instruments Deep Freq (Kore)
  • Reaktor Ensembles: Space Verb, Cyan, Juno-6, and Carbon
  • Fabfilter Volcano, Timeless, Q, and Compressor
  • UAD Fairchild 670
  • UAD Pultec EQ
  • UAD LA2A
  • UAD Fatso Sr. Tape Sim and Compressor
  • Logic Multipressor
  • Logic Platinum Verb
  • Twisted Tools Colorflex and Vortex


Download Ali Khan - Lake (10.46 mb)