[Album] Fingers In The Noise – 3 X 11 LP

Fingers In The Noise has long been one of my favourite Dub Techno artists. With a consistent and steady release schedule of free dub techno releases (all of which are superb) its amazing to discover the man has released an album too! This is definitely a strong contender for the best dub techno album of 2011. Each track full of character and atmosphere, an essential purchase for any fan of dub/deep techno.

My first LP released today on my personal Label (FPR), I hope you like it.

Fingers In The Noise


1. Last Dream Before Sleep 10:40
2. Weekend… Finally! 07:37
3. Gaussian Blur 07:21
4. Gray Colors 06:52
5. Click Here! 07:04
6. Amazone 06:44
7. Cotton In The Brain 08:20
8. Shadows Light 06:40
9. Shapes & Splines 05:49
10. X-Y-Z 06:18
11. The Last Barrier Reef 07:04

You can pick up the album for just €11 EUR here



  1. Love this album. It’s been in constant rotation since I purchased it.

  2. Cool, will listen to that this evening at home, can’t do it at work… I love Maurizio music, so your “Dub Techno” blog is a big promise for me. Cheers !

  3. O i love the whole album, specially “Last Dream Before Sleep” is just awesome. what a quality music has been selected for this. thumbs up.
    Go ahead and keep rocking.

  4. I like the music of “Weekend…finally” . Rest of them are also nice.

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