Grad_U – Correlation

Grad_U – Correlation Taken from the album, Spectral Decay (Dumblys 2010) | CHORDACIOUS | Aleksandr Martinkevič (Grad_U)… Aleksandr Martinkevič is a DJ and Producer from Vilnius, Lithuania. He started his career at the age of 13 in 1997. After some time exploring electronic sounds and going deep into various kinds of music Grad_U begins playIng as DJ on public. He takes part IN many local parties and festivals. After some time just DJ’ing, Grad_U feels that he wants to do more, he wants to express himself through his own sound and later in the year 2001 he presents his first tracks in his DJ sets. As he goes deeper into creating and searching new sounds, the stronger his passion for creating music. As a result, in the 2005 he decides to close himself in his home studio and spends all his free time on advancing his own electronic sound, which we can hear today… (Edited, heavily) Profile. Links: Turntable: Wave Kinetics NVS Reference For Geo! 🙂