Weight And Treble – Things To Come (Original Mix)

Weight And Treble – Things To Come (Original Mix) Featuring, Susanna La Polla. Taken from the double EP, Things To Come (Toffler Music Entertainment 2011) | DREAD | Manuele Giannini, Massimo Carozzi (Weight And Treble)… Sharp as a knife, deep as a well, such is the sound of Weight and Treble. Manuele Giannini (production, programming), Massimo Carozzi (production, mixing) and Suz (vocals) share the same passion for heavy basslines, relentless rhythms and crashing echo chambers. Operating upon an unfolding canvas of analogue synthesisers and dusty record players, Weight and Treble builds skeletal, stripped bare bass and drum structures in which the space between sounds is crucial. The music is tense and tight, deep and reverberating, strictly rooted in the chemistry of the recording studio. -Discogs. Links: www.youtube.com www.facebook.com soundcloud.com www.vimeo.com www.myspace.com The Label, Toffler Music Entertainment… Italian label founded by Stefano Patarnello. Links: soundcloud.com tofflermusic.official.fm www.facebook.com www.myspace.com www.youtube.com www.play.fm www.juno.co.uk www.junodownload.com www.beatport.com Susanna La Polla: www.facebook.com Turntable: Crosley CR40 Mini portable