Christopher Kah – Galactik Trip (Jauzas The Shining Remix)

Christopher Kah – Galactik Trip (Jauzas The Shining Remix) Taken from the album, Red Hot Hell, Vol. 2 (The RedHotHell Records 2011) | ANALOGUE | Christopher Kah…. Christopher Kah was born in 1980 in Alsace, France. When he was 17 he joined an electronic association where he started mixing Detroit. He loved the dark and simplistic side of this style. His inspirations came from people like Kenny Larkin, Sean Deason, Colin Dale and Carl Craig. This is what brought him closer to others like Laurent Garnier or Johannes Heil to name just two. . In 2001, he started creating electronic music, simply with a DW8000, his very first machine, and his computer. In 2003 his first MCD ‘OPUS I’ came out, with the Gaulois artist Franck Wolf. End 2004, Christopher Kah appears on the double CD album “AXC-Labs” (Axesscode) for a track with Communication 0. Spring 2005, release of Christopher Kah’s first EP called “Natural Born Killer” on Terence Fixmer’s label Planete Rouge, followed by the release of his first CD album ‘A Wonderful Darkworld’ on the French label Axesscode. June 2005, an EP with Dave Clarke came out, with Christopher Kah’s remix of “Come Inside”, a track from ‘Between The Devil…’ first album of Terence Fixmer & Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) In 2007, Christopher Kah signs his first track on Anthony Rother’s label ‘DATAPUNK’ and he also appears on several compilations on the side of The Hacker, Terence Fixmer, Millimetric, … (Electro Manifesto I & II) In 2008 he remixes