SEN – Sensory Emotive Network LP (Cold Tear Records) – July 2011

SEN – Sensory Emotive Network LP (Cold Tear Records)

This is definitely a firm contender for one of the best releases so far of 2011.  A great mix of ambient, deep house and dub techno.  Every track will leave you with that warm feeling that you get from listening to lush dub techno chords. BEAUTIFUL!

Whole Item Format Size
SEN – Sensory Emotive Network (320kbps mp3) ZIP 140.4 MB
Audio Files VBR MP3 Ogg Vorbis
01 Soul Rain 13.7 MB 3.5 MB
02 Skychords 25.6 MB 6.8 MB
03 We Now Understand 33.4 MB 10.5 MB
04 These Moments 15.5 MB 4.4 MB
05 Rebound 23.4 MB 6.1 MB
06 Never Before Again 16.0 MB 4.0 MB
07 Within Reach 20.0 MB 5.4 MB
08 Scuba Drift 15.7 MB 4.6 MB
09 Jem 9.7 MB 2.7 MB

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  1. Love the We Now Understand track. Great blog by the way, loads of real good content on here.

    If you would like to write some guest blogs for us, let us know

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