DeepChord – Vantage Isle

Deepchord have emerged from the shadows of their Motor City lair in a big way this year, unleashing their dubby techno constructs upon the public at a feverish pace. Previously appearing earlier this year on a hyper-limited triple-pack, their landmark ‘Vantage Isle’ album has been re-released on CD in an expanded fashion.

1.vantage isle [dc mix I] 08:39
2.vantage isle [echospace glacial] 03:09
3.vantage isle [echospace reshape] 08:47
4.vantage isle [spacecho dub] 02:54
5.vantage isle [dc mix II] 07:24
6.vantage isle [spacecho dub II – extended mix] 10:39
7.vantage isle [convextion remix] 07:49
8.vantage isle [echospace reform] 03:36
9.vantage isle [echospace spatial dub] 06:01
10.vantage isle [dc mix III] 05:45
11.vantage isle [cv313 reduction] 05:16
12.vantage isle [echospace excursion] 06:09
13.vantage isle [cv313 reduction II] 03:00


  1. Good track!

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