DeepChord – Vantage Isle (Echospace Reshape)

DeepChord – Vantage Isle (Echospace Reshape) Taken from the album, Vantage Isle Sessions (echospace [detroit] 2008) | DAS | IST | DETROIT | Rod Modell & Mike Schommer (DeepChord)… Compared often to the works of Maurizio (Moritz Von Oswald) or the Basic Channel releases, the humble composers Rod Modell and Mike Schommer offer a unique blend of dubby beats, crisp static, synthetic analog grooves, and of course lots of deep chords! Its worth noting that DeepChord is now only Rod Modell. (Edited) Rod Model… Rod Modell is a sound designer / electronic music producer from the Detroit area. Began producing music in the mid-80’s using analogue synthesizers and drum machines. To date (July 2007), Modell has about 60 releases to his credit. Rod’s work was focused on elecrto-acoustic experimentation in the early years, making musique concrete compositions with a 4-track cassette machine and field recordings, then branching into industrial soundscape work. More recent recordings utilize more structure and beats, but still retain the atmospherics that Modell is known for. Mood is of paramount importance in a Rod Modell recording (often created with field recordings). Sadly, this element seems to be lost in much of the clicks+cuts DSP music of today. One of Modell’s favourite pastimes is making middle-of-the-night recordings with his portable DAT machine and dummy-head microphone. In the mid-90’s, Modell started Deepchord Records (w/ Mike Schommer) in Detroit, as an