Sven Schienhammer – Sound Signals For Other Planets

Sven Schienhammer – Sound Signals For Other Planets Taken from the album, Altostratus Translucidus (BineMusic 2011) | TRANSMISSIONS | Sven Schienhammer (Monoaxial, Quantec)… Sven Schienhammer grew up in the 80’s. Producing and remixing electronic music since 1995 first using hardware tools such as Rolands MC 505 and a 303 with some EFX tools. Now the studio is hardware and software in symbiosis. Using some oldschool synths from the 70’s and 80’s for the love of the Lo-Fi feeling of those machines! The sounds are digitized thoughts and emotions. Personal favourite styles in music include Detroit and dubby electronics, Deep House, Dub, Roots Reggae, drones, Ambient and some experimental stuff. He also releases music as Sven Schienhammer. (Edited) -Discogs. Quantec Links: Turntable: Fletcher Audio Omega Point 5


  1. Really loving this album. Had it on again tonight – again.

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