Fabio Scalabroni – Boogietech

Fabio Scalabroni – Boogietech Taken from the EP, Analog Flavor EP (Eyepatch Recordings 2011) | DANCEFLOOR | Fabio Scalabroni… Scalabroni is from Rome, Italy. Scalabroni is an electronic musician and DJ who performed under several names – such as Scalabroni, Cogor, Hologram, Ambit 3, Bit Bucket – both on his own tracks and several remixes rather than other artists works. In 1997, together with Andrea Angelini and Davide DOnofrio he created a small and independent label named Syncretic that produced and released two records WYSIWYG EP and Antiorario. Under Cogor name, he produced three tracks released by Syncretic Records. In he 1998 took part in the production of a compilation released by the magazine Time Out among other artists such as Marco Passarani, Lory D. and other artists from the Italian electronic scene. In 2001 he worked with the memorable Italian rap band Assalti Frontali in order to produce the remix album 12 Remix da un Altro Mondo (BMG Records). Scalabroni played with Angelini, DOnofrio and Micheli on one track, while remixed two tracks under the name Cogor. Between 2003 and 2005 he performed under the name Hologram and worked on several compilations: Broken Pots Hill Vol.1 and Broken Pots Hill Vol.2 – Label: Minimalrome Spacelab Compilation Label: ROR AutoCD Compilation Netlabel: Wavengine In 2003, the project Ambit3 started and Scalabroni together with his partners of Syncretic Records produced one track for the compilation, Mission Three: Establishing