Fabio Scalabroni – ZeECc showcase – djset – june 2011

Fabio Scalabroni – ZeECc showcase – djset – june 2011 by Fabio Scalabroni

ZeECc’s releases only – djset – june 2011
Upwellings – Lemon Tree
The Nautilus Project – Silent Docks
Fingers In The Noise – Black Idea
Textural Being – Unrequited
Inn-R – M66
Mr Cloudy – Deep Road
The Nautilus Project – Late night (dub)
Zzzzra – Pneuma Reprise
Organon – Light intensity
Upwellings – Spring
Fabio Scalabroni – Chill me
Abstract Ballet – Praised by thousands
Fabio Scalabroni – Asymmetric
Upwellings – Breathe
Axs – Out of sight
Joerg Mueller – Going South
Organon – Red shift (Biodub remix)
Gradient – We can see the silence
Zzzzra – Aurore Pneumatique
“Fabio Scalabroni – ZeECc showcase – djset – june 2011” by Fabio Scalabroni is licensed under a Creative Commons License


  1. Bobbysays:

    That’s damn great! Very good mix. I’ve heard Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Ricardo Villalobos mix) some weeks ago, and now I think that dub techno is very nice kind of music. Thank You!

  2. I particularly like the Lemon Tree by Upwellings. It is a calm and particularly soothing song, and it has a certain rhythm to it as well.

  3. While listening to this I feel like I am being subliminally influenced. Thanks for the programming.

  4. How can I download this? can you sen me a link for download plsss?


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