good night! Dub On Minimal

Dub On Minimal by Bass and Treble

This 100% vinyl mix was recorded as a sequel to one of my most popular mixes, Minimal On Dub, featuring the same kind of dub-drenched minimal tracks or minimal-inspired dub techno tracks, from the likes of Rod Modell or Steve Hitchell or both, as well as other great producers of this genre, such as Pablo Bolivar, Marko Fürstenberg, Sven Weisemann and others. Labels in the mix include Echospace, Styrax, Skor, Soundshift, Echocord, Ornaments, Wagon Repair, Frantic Flowers and Phonobox. 
1. DeepChord presents Echospace “Symbolism In Transition”, Modern Love;
2. CV313 “Infinit-1”, Echospace [Detroit];
3. CV 313 “Sailingstars”, Echospace [Detroit];
4. Pulshar “Sacrifice Of Love (Even Tuell Dub)”, Phonobox;
5. Literon “Permutation One”, Frantic Flowers;
6. Deadbeat “Boil”, Wagon Repair;
7. Marko Fürstenberg “Time Change”, Ornaments;
8. Sebastien San “Shades”, Echocord Colour;
9. Rod Modell “Lama Temple (Unreleased Version)”, Styrax;
10. Soultek “De-Modulation”, Soundshift [Detroit];
11. Soultek “Analogueheart”, Soundshift [Detroit];
12. Ruoho Ruotsi “First Time (Spot On)”, Skor;
13. Sven Weisemann “Acquittal”, Styrax Leaves;
14. Stephen Hitchell “For Convextion”, Echocord.


  1. Wow, nice track, very relaxing.

  2. Thanks 🙂 it was nice..specially “Analogueheart”

  3. V71Jsays:

    Outstanding. So glad you’re back.

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