Cristiano Campos – Sublime Saturation (Set)

“Sublime Saturation”, the name of a set that was recorded and mixed by Cristiano Campos (Fundii Recordings) in the year of 2011.

The set vary from Dub-Techno to Deep-House with smooth transitions and remarkable groove.
A “One of a kind” vibe is how Cristiano describes this audio archive. According to Cristiano, “I have been a little out of action and, you know… the set is a proof that I am still sharp on the decks. I’ve been too focused on music production and I guess it has just gotten me better in a certain way, the feeling here is really unique”. And I guess you’re about to find out what he’s talking about! Be ready to be wanting for more.

Cristiano Campos – Sublime Saturation (Set) by Cristiano Campos


  1. Enjoyable, although I am not currently digging the house tip. 🙂

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