Smoke Machine Podcast 013 – Ness

Ness [Mono Records, Prologue] Italy

Ness became interested in electronic music in the late 90’s. In 2004 he started djing, taking inspiration from various genres going from trance to pure experimentation. The interest in music led him to attend various courses and audio engineer for some years and the conservatory of his hometown.The need to express his emotions through music led him to experiment and research in recent years that better reflect his sound.Since 2009 he founded his own label Mono Records with his friend Bettosun, and releases music in labels such as Prologue, Sonata and Varianz.The experience gained over the years leads to define his DJ sets that are characterized by a strong array of techno and house at the same time.

1. Rasmus Hedlund – Opasiteten Saknas
2. Marcel Dettmann – Factory Report II
3. Mike Denhert – Phase Response
4. Jonas Koop – Nibirus
5. Nemanja Nikolic – A New World (Delta Funktionen Remix)
6. Fabrizio La Piana – Unusual Dynamics
7. Function – Immolare (Osaka Version)
8. Lucy – Bein (James Ruskin Remix)
9. Perc & Metalogic – M Cargo
10.Tommy Four Seven – CH4
11.Obtane & Giorgio Gigli – Chemistry Of Human Life
12.Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC – Lunar Forest
13.Shadow Sync – Poles
14.Planetary Assault System – Raid
15.Deepbass – Maya
16.Rasmus Hedlund – Nere Pa Djupet