[CFM024] VA – Futur[e]cho

“The compilation, presented for your listening pleasure, features 11 notable artists in the present-day dubby, technoid scene. Coppice Halifax, Anton Mayer, Soap, Dublicator, Spiral Dub, Textural Being, ISA, DeepWarmth, As If, Spaceci and Fingers in the Noise all contribute works of art to the compilation, giving the final product a deep, ambient quality that was never anticipated when the idea was still just an idea.”

[CFM024] Futur[e]cho – Fingers In The Noise – l’Acrobate [OUT NOW FREE DL] by Fingers In The Noise

Coppice Halifax – Royal Acre
A. Mayer – Sky
Soap – Syncro Fall
Dublicator – Vibronic Transition
Spiral Dub – Axiom Dub
Textural Being – Homage à Maurizio
ISA – Filtered
DeepWarmth – Cold Cities
As If – Rose From Above
Spaceci – µ2 Receptor
Fingers in the Noise – l’Acrobate [Ambient Version]