[S27-070] Silent Strangers – Anagram2:Ire

The second installment of Silent Strangers’ “Anagram” quadrilogy, “Ire” expands upon the sound scapes forged in “Anagram1:Dither” and hardwires them into new territory. These ten pieces are pulsing and breathing organic machines, designed with stomping fragmented beats and spews forth foreboding atmospheric tension throughout. Who said experimental electronic music doesn’t have a heart? Even if it does pump mercury in its’ veins…

DATE: 2nd May 2011
CAT NO: [S27-070]
GENRE: Experimental Electronica, Glitch, Abstract, Ambient

01 Staybill Choke
02 Pulsrec
03 Left Cold
04 Parrallel Being
05 Weit2
06 6ovrfor
07 Gen_2
08 Valediction
09 Hexeract
10 Gray Format

Written, Performed, Composed, Designed and Produced by Christopher Lombardo
Mastered by Wayne Baker

Released in conjunction with IDMf Netlabel